Obituary (A Colour Study for NDG/MTL/QC/)9/24/20| Avery Mikolic-O’Rourke

“Colour conveys meaning, of course, this we all know.

Red light Stop / Green light Go

Though, don’t look too close-
Colour without context conveys only pigment,
And, the same colour changes voice with situation
As much as altered colour brings new light to meaning:
          Blue can be cold isolation, or calm invitation;
          Passion, very different if love-red or jealous-green.

So, what does colour mean
When all things can say anything-
Do they say anything at all?

     [  Blurred photographs of coloured objects
        Loosely categorized under umbrella texts:   
               Abstract representation, reveal
               An absence of inherent link
               Between colour and connotation ]

Without image to associate,
                                                    The pigment on page
                                                       Occupies a no-man's-
                                                   Land of anti-synesthetic

                                           A useful tool for setting tone,
                                                          Though, of its own,
                                                                  Colour means
                                                                        To me”


The real power of site-specific work is that it somehow activates, or engages with, the narratives of the site in some kind of way. (Pearson)