R&X | Fabien Corbeil

“My performance took place on September 23rd on a Wednesday morning.

On that day, I woke up at 6 and got ready to play music.

These were my instruments.

This was my outfit.

This is where I played.

My intentions were to record the sounds of an oddly funny violent action.

I chose that site because it’s surrounded by industrial echoey noises.

I opted for the metal xylophone for two reasons.

One it's durable enough to withstand rifle shots.

Two it’s a precaution instrument, the pellets shot at the keys could create sounds as If I was striking them with a stick.

After acquiring the xylophone, I found an interesting dichotomy between both my instruments.

They both could be considered as toys even though one could potentially fatally wound someone.

While performing my audience were a dozen truckers that role past me.  

After a while, I was asked to go “play” elsewhere because the trucks were too dangerous and could flatten me if I wasn’t careful.

Everything was recorded with a Zoom recorder H4n pro.

All sound manipulation was made in F L studio.”


For more info: e-mail :  fabi1 at live.ca     instagram: bjorn.corbeil

The real power of site-specific work is that it somehow activates, or engages with, the narratives of the site in some kind of way. (Pearson)