Slip The Nipp | Mila Figuet

Slip The Nipp, is an ongoing intervention that was created in reaction to the existing nudity policy against female nipples. This measure suggests that women's breasts are not to be seen, or perhaps that we should be ashamed of them??, which directly affects the way we see our bodies. Another problem implied in this policy is its assumption of gender. Such censorship bolsters a legitimacy of control, judgment and discrimination over the body of a certain demographic. The femine is erased from the landscape while the gender nonconforming is not even considered. It is perhaps one of the most ridiculous, frustrating, and for some reason, impenetrable biases. And a bias that is being backed by social media is a bias that is being perpetuated in the world.

This is why I decided to invade the public space of nipsters (nipple stickers) made out of photographs I have taken. The goal is that, by taking up space, nipples of different colors, shapes and sizes impose themselves in places where they are not usually welcome. By means of exposure and in a playful way, I hope to give them more visibility. I also try to present nipples as simply beautiful parts of the human body rather than as sexual attributes. I consider that the real interventionists of this project are the people willing to get involved by offering me their bodies, I’m just a mediator.”

The real power of site-specific work is that it somehow activates, or engages with, the narratives of the site in some kind of way. (Pearson)